Saturday, July 29, 2006

Technorati - a major update (it turns 3, too!).

Here it comes! Technorati's major relaunch (all details about this here and here in the Technorati blog).

So, as you can read in those blog posts, see in their videos and on the screenshot at the top of this page, they have made major improvements!

They promise to read all blog posts regarding their relaunch, so I am waiting for your feedback on this post here, dear Technorati team! :)

Well, they are constantly trying to improve (see my post about their support and their reply to my post).

But not everybody likes Technorati, as it can be seen e.g. here and here.

The biggest pro about the relaunched Technorati is, that it has more useful features, it is more tidied up, it's very faster (so you, the readers of my blog will benefit from this since I use it for my blogger categories).

However, the old problems still, that some of its parts are often down, like Technorati search or tagging or whatever. Technorati should minmize the times they are either completely or partly down!

Also Technorati do something about being blocked! :)

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