Sunday, July 23, 2006

Skype Support for the ass....

Who of you also noticed that Skype's Support is for the ass?

Case 1: I noticed and reported a bug to them. It's about the problem, that sometimes when you have a text chat conversation in Skype with a contact of yours, Skype will invalid automatically your authorization, so you see a "This user has not shared his/her details with you", suddenly.

Skype support in return explains to me how the callto: contact list in Skype works and that probably she just undid the authorization! Oh! Just the problem that she was having dinner while this happened and _nobody_ was touching the computer!

Case 2: The simple question whether there is a contact list limit and if yes how big is this limit? No reply from them!

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Anonymous said...

As far as I know there's no limit to users in contact list. I know some have 500+ contacts...

Nafcom said...


Thanks! However this is technically pretty much impossible.
Even ICQ has a limit of 600 contacts.

Jean Mercier said...

One of my contacts has 1488 contacts!

The Sky(pe) is the limit!

Nafcom said...

@Jean: Interesting, but since Skype 2.0 the contact list is stored on Skype servers, so I mean somehwere must be a limit?

Jean Mercier said...

Nafcom, concerning the number of contacts limit:

Right, technically it is certainly limited by the hardware space available for storing contact information on the Skype Servers.

But (as far as i know) Skype didn't build a limit in its client (software).

But this is a guess!

Nafcom said...

@Jean: So that means if you move to another computer you will lose those contacts that exceed the contact list server, I guess?

Peter Shillito said...

That Skype support sounds a lot like Microsoft Live Messenger support (I was a BETA tester). Multiple times reguarding different problems they simply sent the exact same e-mail basically saying "are you sure you're using Live Messenger and not Windows Messenger" just with a different person's name on it. The only way to REALLY get their attention is to actually say that you want a response by a human for once. That will get their attention.

Nafcom said...


I have just sent the URL to this post to them along with a comment and a few more links. Let's see whether this will bring any useful repsponse! :)

Many support teams reply with emails based on pre-written text blogs and individual lines written, as long as the reply fits 100% and _is helpful_ there is nothing that speaks against it, I think.

Claudius said...

Could you please supply some more details ons the circumstances of your auth loosing in the Jira bugtracker? I'm sorry to say so, but the current "bug report" here in your blog article of yours doesn't help a lot.
Were aouy authed before? How long before? Did she ask for auth or youo? Did both of you accept? What are your/her privacy settings?

Nafcom said...

1) Yes, I was authorisized before, since months already!
2) She had added me back then and I accepted and authorisized.
3) I never touched my privacy settings. I am not sure about the ones in her Skype. But if you send me an email I will tell you her email address and you can go and ask her. She is working in telecommunications so I am sure she can help you with info :)