Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Opera Widget for my blog!

Finally, I have an Opera Widget for my blog!

Opera Watch reported about an Opera Widget Generator which allows you to create quickly widgets of your blog's/whatever feeds!

So there you go! :)

I hope you will enjoy it! :)

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Shmanky said...

That's pretty cool. I wonder whether these RSS widgets will become more popular than general purpose RSS aggrigators or browser RSS viewers. I still have your RSS feed in my Trillian Pro plugin along with other blogs I read.

Nafcom said...

@Shmanky: Thanks! :)

Well, I just wanted to offer an extra feature from an Opera user (me) to other Opera users who also like to read my blog.

I use the RSS reader of M2 in Opera! :)
Yes, Opera Widges are already pretty popular!

Anonymous said...

any changes coming ?

Nafcom said...

@Anonymous: No further changes to my blog planned, at the moment.