Friday, July 28, 2006

Old multiplayer games

Do you know this, too? You you have got an older game and are happy it supports multiplayer over the internet but when you try it nobody else except you is on the server?

This blog entry is to indicate which older games I recently got and want players for a multiplayer session for :)

Monster Truck Madness 2LinkGameSpy Aracade
Nascar Racing 2002 Season-Dedicated server within the game

If you have some of these games and would like to arrange a match with me, please contact me and let me know your time zone, country, contact details and the best time and way to get in touch with you! :)

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Top Games Online said...

I always used attractive nicknames so others except us very fast lol ;)

Nafcom said...

@Top Games Online: Hehe. Very nice blogs by the way! :)