Thursday, July 20, 2006

Need For Speed - Underground 2 & Force Feedback

Customer support can be really "helpful" at times.
My recent experience is about Need For Speed - Underground 2 in combination with the Logitech Formula Force EX & Force Feedback.

Force feedback is a simple function of DirectX. It calls functions of the controller that let it move and vibrate exactly like a normal steering-wheel of your car would do.

Since a lot of reviews suggest to buy a force feedback steering-wheel just because of Need For Speed Underground 2 I really wonder how it works because I found no option where to enable it.

The answer is simple though: There is a patch for this game that will enable Force Feedback automatically (but you cannot disable it within the game).

Here the reply of EA being not helpful at all:

"Need for Speed Underground 2 officially only supports keyboard and gamepads to control your vehicles. It is possible to connect a steering-wheel and to configure this inside the game, however we do not support this. We cannot give any further information with which steering-wheels Need for Speed Underground 2 works without problems.

In case problems arrise with the steering-wheel you use, we can only give you the hint to install the most recent drivers for your steering-wheel and configure this in Windows.

Greetings Alex
EA Customer Support"

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