Sunday, July 30, 2006

ICQ 5.1 New Status Manager Icons Patch!

Certain localized ICQ versions have different Status Manager icons as I explained here.

Now, somebody released a Status Manager New Icons patch and I tried it myself and it works! :)

As you can see on the screenshots, it has the small sideeffect that the Xtraz Center is different skinned now, but I think this is not a problem, really! :)

In fact, as seen above, the advanced Status Manager icon set is already shipped with ICQ 5.1, so the patch basicly only adds a few files and enables it.

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5 comments: said...

Hi, is it possible to download the patch from somewhere else? the link in your blog is any more valid - file not found. Or, if you have the patch, is it possible to send it to me? thanks.

Nafcom said...

@Fixo: I will send you an email.

Nafcom said...

@Fixo: Here is Netvigator ICQ 5.1 with the etxra Status Manager Icons. download English version.

icon manager said...

its really a nice blog.

Nafcom said...

@icon manager:

thank you! :)