Sunday, July 16, 2006

Force Feedback Wheel & Monster Truck Madness 2

Now that they are cheaper, I decided to get one of those Force Feedback Wheels and I got a Logitech Formula Force EX (photo: Logitech) and it's really weird good and wicked! :)

The best thing is the fact that it even works for Monster Truck Madness 1 & 2! And for the 2 there is even real Force Feedback support! :) It's so much fun when you rumble and shake through the mountains, stonese and mud and dirt! It's wicked! And it's amazing it supports Force Feedback noticing its age! :)

by the way:
I search for other Monster Truck Madness 2 owners that might be interested in an internet match, if so, please email me!
! Thanks in adavance! =)

But I am very disappointed that Outrun 2006 does not support Force Feedback! :(

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