Friday, July 07, 2006

Fix for Australian daylight saving time 2006 update problem!

Since I always delete the install information of Windows Updates and Hotfixs (since it's wasting space and why should I want to uninstall them anyway?), I got a problem to install the update KB913670 since it requires to uninstall the previous 912475 update. But since me and many of other users do not have this uninstallation info anymore, you have just...lost! After days of searching, I luckily found a solution on Will's Blog here which offers a download of the missing installtion information files and explains how to use it, thank you a lot! :)
Now, after a week, I finally have all updates installed! =)

And yes, I am speaking about Windows XP X64 here so it works not only in Windows XP Professional! :)

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