Saturday, July 29, 2006

C64 Orchestra!

I found this on the C64 Music Blog, here.

The above video shows the new C64 Orchestra on their first rehearsals of playing C64 SID tunes from the C64 composing masters Jeroen Tel (Homepage) and Rob Hubbard (Homepage).

In the video you can hear e.g. the tunes of Cybernoid!

This is awsome and if they ever come to another place where I am or will be too, then I will come and listen! :)

This is sooo awesome! =)

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aurora_starfire said...

That sounds really cool!
I wonder what they'll do next.

Hmm...I don't think we had the Cybernoid game...I'll ask my brother and see if he remembers playing it.
He had a whole bunch of games for the C64.

Nafcom said...


Yeah, it's great, especially becuase Jeroen Tel is my all time fave composer, I would digg it if they would also play some Chris Huelsbeck C64 tunes.

The best thing about those famous C64 composers is; they are still in business and still composing tunes for computer games :)

mano said...

Check also: !!

The premiere of the concert will be at the 22th of september in the GIgant in Apeldoorn(the Netherlands)

Nafcom said...

@mano: Thanks for this!
Too bad I cannot be there! :(