Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Today, when I started up ICQ, I received the below notification about new ICQ Ssrvey (but infact they aren't new, users just never got notified. They are the same surveys as mentioned in the ICQ Team letter reply email).

And it's maybe random luck, but maybe planned, but additional to the ICQ SMS survey notification, ICQ displayed banner of Pro7 ICQ5 Paid SMS.

So, since 2 years now (free) ICQ SMS only supports very few networks - Now it seems, they try it with paid SMS in Germany.

The homepage even doesn't say it correctly.

It says:

>Send now SMS directly from ICQ

>Starting from sensationally cheap 9 € cent per SMS. To every German mobile phone number.

>And receive the replies dirctly in ICQ

>Works with ICQ and Pro7 ICQ

>No additional registration for ICQ users required!

However, it did not work with English ICQ 5.1 so I guess one has to really download and install the (obsolete) ICQ 5 Pro 7 German client!

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