Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Paid ICQ Pro7 SMS service is now also available for users in Germany

Finally, the earlier presented new paid ICQ Pro7 SMS service is now finally also available for users in Germany that don't use the Pro 7 ICQ localized client!

So, I am able to present some screenshots:

here we see the main screen of ICQ Pro 7 SMS saying:

Be welcome to the ICQ SMS service of Pro 7

-Send now SMS directly from ICQ

-Staring from incredible cheap 9 cent per SMS to every German mobile phone number!

-No registration required!

And the Terms of Service.

The account overview and the Sent SMS so we just skip that and go on to Buy Credits:

Here we see the different payment methods for the SMS sending:

-By phone hotline
-By Click & Buy
-Money transfer by bank account
-Premium SMS
-By PayPal

And last but not least:

-Support contact email address
-Terms of Service

That's it!

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