Wednesday, June 28, 2006

OutRun 2006 PC DVD Is Out!

After months of waiting, OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast for PC DVD is out! (you can see screenshots of the PC version here since the official homepage still says "coming soon").

OutRun is the classic arcade of racing games ever! It's incredibly fun, it's one of the rare games where I yelled "HOOOOO!" while playing since it was so much fun! :D

It plays exactly like an arcade, except it has better graphics (which are really good, especially the Sega City stages with rain, wet streets and puddles!). Well done Sumo & Sega!

The only problem at first was starting since the copy protection would make troubles with my DVD writer (LG GSA-4167B), but SecureROM Support fixed it within 1 day after I emailed them the analyize file. Incase you have a LG GSA-4167B, their patched executeable for only this drive can be downloaded at this location.

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Sidenote: There are some posts about arcades on the eDrinker blog here and there.

Fortunately when I was in a small arcade in Sweden, fortunately the controllers worked! :)

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