Sunday, May 28, 2006

Themes and Windows XP X64

Maybe some of you have heard of the uxtheme.dll. That's the file that adds the abilty to apply nice Windows XP themes. For being able to do that, it has to be replaced with a patched version of the file.

For a long time, there was no patcher for Windows XP X64, yesterday I found that meanwhile the UXTheme MultiPatcher 5.0 can do it.

Interstingly, many websites only refer to the old version 4.0 which is kind of sad since the 5.0 version is surprior.

And it works as you can see at my screenshot showing the Crystal Theme under Windows XP X64. Unfortunately it's not shipped with version 5.0 of the patcher, so if you want it, email me and I will send the Crystal theme to you! :)

EDIT: On some Windows XP 32 bit systems, it will detected as Windows NT. In this case you need to use the version 4.0 of the patcher.

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Cyberto said...

O WoW that's what I searched for Thanks!!!

Nafcom said...

@Cyberto: You are welcome!

If you need the Crystal Theme or so, email me!

TACuster said...

Thz dude, you make my day

now i can try to install the bricopack VistaInspirat2

thz again

Nafcom said...

@TACuster : You are welcome!
Good luck for the installation