Wednesday, April 19, 2006

strong passwords

ICQ/ComPad has finally a site (only works in MSIE) that explains what normal and strong passwords are.

This seems to be another step towards informing users after putting a warning on the ICQ site login window.

It reads:

A strong password is a password that is difficult for others to guess or for automatic programs to guess.
Some sites, ComPad one of them, require you to select a normal or strong password for better security.

There are 4 types of characters your ComPad password can contain:

1. Uppercase letters. For example: A, B, T.
2. Lowercase letter. For example: a, b, t.
3. Numbers. For example: 1,2,3.
4. Symbols. Allowed symbols: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )

A normal password must:

- Contain 6-8 characters, with at least 2 types of characters.

- Contain at least 2 types of characters. It must contain one character of any of the types in the middle of the password.

For example:
beDRoom - good
BedrooM - not good
Bedroom - not good

- Not contain your first, last, display name, email address or ComPad ID.

* A strong password is just like a normal one, only it must:
- Contain 6 characters, with at least 3 types of characters
or 7-8 characters, with at least 2 types of characters.

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