Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A reply from ICQ to my complaint letter!

Yesterday, I have received finally a reply from ICQ to my complaint letter about the death of the ICQ Support and Focus Group!

I do not want to quote it completely due to various reasons.
Here is just a small snippet with the most important things:

The ICQ support center, which is indeed a valuable tool for our users, was monitored in the last few months and based on the traffic, topics and questions was modified with relevant FAQ's that should provide all the answers to our users questions regarding our services.

The ICQ Focus Group was never shut down and in fact we have just uploaded a new survey regarding the 2Way SMS service. The Focus Group wasn't updated lately due to the re-design of our new Web site but we have plans to upgrade it and make it a better tool for our users to post their opinions and share with us their views of ICQ current and future developments.

which basicly tells us: ICQ Support keeps being closed but ICQ Focus Group will return! So, I will start to complain a lot about the missing ICQ support once it's back! :)


-closed ICQ Support Ticket Center
-ICQ Focus Group
-ICQ Survey Center

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Nafcom said...

@Mike: I already knew this one. It's indeed very good! :)

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Nafcom said...

@ Sharlotte: Thanks for your hints!

Anonymous said...

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