Saturday, April 22, 2006

New SIM (0.9.4 RC1) is out!

After 3 years of halt, the best ICQ clone for Linux (& Windows/MacOSX) is back and even with a new homepage!

As you can see, the ICQ part of this multi-protocol messanger looks like an almost 100% copy of ICQ 2003b or older! :)

The only very big disadvantage is, that it still has no language selector, so I had to rename a language file so I can use the English version (which is what I prefer).

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Doctor Funkenstein said...

I wouldn't call SIM the best ICQ clone for MacOS X, considering there isn't even a completed build for it, and most OSX users aren't going to know anything about compiling their own build.

I would give the "best ICQ clone for Mac" to Adium, still.

Nafcom said...

@Doctor Funkenstein: I meant it's also available for Windows & MacOSX