Saturday, April 01, 2006

ICQ: Login Server down?

Once in a while (like once every year), it happens that the ICQ login server seems to be down or something.

Well, seems I am not the only one with the problem:

See this Expert Board post.

It seems to only affect some accounts.
Hmm, since ICQ is located in Israel, I think they should have fixed it by tomorrow, because their weekend is Friday & Saturday.

If I knew about this problem, I wouldn't have restarted my PC. My antivirus prg and sound driver stopped working, that is why I had to restart my PC...

Update: April, 2nd

It worked to connect today till 1:30 PM (EST), since then, it's down again.
Since I could login yesterday evening and today morning, I guess it's really some of the ICQ login severs. As you can read in the ICQ Knowledge Base here, they have several of them. Some report that switching the port to 443 or 88 (but 88 won't like the Xtraz Center too much, it seems) helped temporarily to login.

Also I noticed that the ICQ homepage loads very slow now!

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