Sunday, March 26, 2006

Is the ICQ Focus Group dead?

Is the ICQ Focus Group dead? They are several reasons to ask this since some worrying development took place:

-Ori got removed as operator
-Udo (Ehud Khenan) renamed his account into "The ICQ Team" and the age to "126".
-Udo's last post was on September, 26th, 2005 announcing ICQ Fight!
-The ICQ Focus Group is dominated by spam now! :(

This is a very bad development and I hope the ICQ Team will re-consider this step and re-etablish it!

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MM said...

I hope ICQ will get this group going again they need it VERY BAD. And I hope they will bring it back really soon. think you MM.

Nafcom said...

@MM: I totally agree with you! Also, ICQ Support has to be back.
I don't think that their replies were so bad!

Come and help! :)