Friday, March 03, 2006

Belgian Post & Lost Letter

Since some letters over Christmas got lost in the post, I complained to some Postal Services.
Belgian Post sent me a reply this week as a registered letter!

I would have preferd that they find my letter instead of sending me a registered letter, but at least they tried, so thank you! :)

Hope for better luck next Christmas!....

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aurora_starfire said...

It was nice of them to let you know they lost the letter.
I wonder if the US Mail knew I ordered that pedometer back in September and I haven't received it yet!

(It only costs US$2.00,nothing special,lol)

Nafcom said...

I am sorry that you have lost something in the post.
I have never ever lost anything from/to USA, yet! :)

Well, the Belgian Postal Service needed 3 emails and 4 weeks until they decided to search for the missed letter!

Well, better luck next Christmas!