Sunday, February 05, 2006

Slow support wants to become fast!

Technorati, the blog crawler service is famous for its incredible slow support. Afer over half a year, they announced that they plan to change this. Wow, I am amazed they really did that. I already gave it up! :D

well, at least after months, my displaying error of Technorati in my blog got fixed with their help, I just needed patience for a couple of months.
But this happens often with huge companies, they are unable to proccess all support requests because of very few workers!

Good customer support costs money!...

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David said...

That's right. I'm sorry for the slow support over the past year or so. We're committeed to being more responsive to you when you have problems.


Nafcom said...

@David: Wow, I did not know that the Technorati crew reads my blog! =).

Thanks to the format suggestion I received from the Technorati Staff I hope to not so soon experience problems again, so no worries!

I won't stop using Technorati since it adds so much to my blog! :)