Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Opera 9 Technical Preview 2 is out

The incredible finally has happened! Opera 9 Technical Preview 2 is out!

After waiting for 4 months for it, it's finally here!

And it's amazing! :)

It has a lot of new features, one of them are Opera Widgets, as one can see at the top of this blog entry! :)

Of course they also display outside of Opera! :)

Let's quote them a bit about what theese are:

"Opera Widgets are small web applications run directly on a user’s desktop. With Opera Widgets you can quickly write small, focused applications that perform useful tasks. They can interact with online services such as news feeds, dictionaries or search engines."

Also new is, that you can see prevews of tabs on mouseover:

Also great is the news displaying of M2:

On the first spot, one can see that the date is now on the right side of the screen, but on the 2nd spot we can see that the from/to fields are buttons with special functions:

Really handy! :)

And, Taddaa!!; the BitTorrent client is in again! :D

The list of new features in Opera 9 Technical Preview 2 can be found here

Also new, is the fresh opened homepage called Opera Labs! Have a look and enjoy! :)

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