Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A ComPad screenshot slideshow

I have probably reported about the new ICQ ComPad Alpha Client.

Finally, I got my own account and so I decided to make a slideshow of some screenshots.

This slideshow can be found here!

Please enjoy! :)

Please notice that it's only an alpha client yet and has no voice, or other extra features.

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aurora_starfire said...

ack! This is cool!
I might use this for a possible graphics website I might launch this summer! Yay!
How do you and Mr.Dew find all this cool stuff?

Nafcom said...


Great to hear that you will make a graphic website and use my graphics.

Well, as the "how I found it".
Well, I just have some pretty nice readers of my blog/forum that tell me about ICQ news now and then. :)

So, thanks to all readers and participants for the help! :)

Anonymous said...

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Nafcom said...

@Anonymous : You just email me! :)