Thursday, January 05, 2006

Year 2005 in a review

The year 2005 was a nice year, I have reached the goals I have made up for myself and the best thing was for sure my trip to Sweden visiting a friend! :)

And we had a very cold summer but a warm autumn, which surprised me a lot, since this was a new experience for me! :)

And I have joined the world of blogging, hehe! :)

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aurora_starfire said...

Hi! Happy New Year! Sorry I haven't updated in a few days.I'm glad 2005 was a good year for you.How was Sweden? Was it cold? I wish I could travel more.Maybe I will after college.The weather has been weird lately,hasn't it? My town is usually covered with snow this time of year.I'm not complaining,though (I hate snow).

Nafcom said...


Thanks, Happy New Year to you, too!

Sweden was _a bit_ colder than over here, but not that much really. luckily, when we were outside, it always stopped raining! :) People are very friendly there, all, young and old know English, the TV is in English, too. The landscape is pretty pretty and the Gothenburg City Airport is tiny! :)

More about it can be found here.

Yes the weather has been very weird! I hope that this year, the summer will be better and the autumn as warm! :D