Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Word Defination: RETRO

We all know it - since the end of 2004, the media and industry is surfing on the so called "Retro Wave". Suddenly stuff from the 80's got cool and hip and people enjoy spending time with nostalgia.

Now, retro computer games. You see it a lot on TV all around the globe, on the internet, etc with a lot of screenshots, videos and reports.

Now, did you ever question yourself: "Gosh, how I was able to adore such games and find their graphic and sounds excellent and amazing?"

Word Defination: RETRO

How to do it retro:

1) Don't use the real machine, use an emulator (they always have much worse graphic and sound than the original machines!).

2) In a time line of 1983-1993, take some games from 1983 as example - the latest games released for that machine are too good for a report!

3) Your 1983 game running on emulator with bad sound and graphic emulation is the benchmark for the technical ability of this retro computer system, perfect!

4) PCs and their screen signals have not the PAL & NTSC blur that makes colours looking fluently and graphics smooth - result: the graphics look all blocky on our PC screen in the emulator.

5) Of course, we don't use a 14" CRT monitor, we use a 19" CRT, result: even more blocky.

6) That is not yet enough retro! To make the already blocky² graphics even more blocky in the way that we zoom in pretty much! Now, we see - what was supposed to be a tiny pixel now appears to our fellow retro report watchers as a huge block! Ugly, isn't it? You can see an example clikcing on the pixel link above, so it works!

JOB DONE! Welcome to the retro feeling! =)

So keep in mind, what you see in the media is never ever the real quality and ability of the old computer systems they want to represent to you!

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Mr. Dew said...

Oh man, those pixels are horrible! They are the many reasons why I switch on anti-alias even though they slow my system. I guess retro in pixels isn't my thing.

Nafcom said...

@Mr. Dew: My point was: Old games & systems are not that technically that bad, but zooming in and using emulators instead of the real machines makes them looking like ugly crap!