Thursday, January 19, 2006

Reply from the UPU about address formatting conflict

Incredible, but after over 4 months I have received a reply from the Lithuanian Postal Service and that's why I decided to forward this reply to the UPU and here is their statement about the address formatting conflict of letters to Russia and Lithuania!:

"Hello Mr. Droege,

The general recommendation is to use the addressing rules of the destination country. In most of cases, in the country of origin the international mail is only sorted by country name and no postcode verification is performed. The actual sorting takes place in the destination country.

A one exception is addressing rules for Russian addresses. It is recommended to put the country name as the last line in order to facilitate mail item routing in country of origin and transit.

Best regards,

Eugeniusz Tomaszewski
Post*Code Database Development

Bureau International
Union Postale Universelle
Weltpoststrasse 4
Case postale 13
3000 BERNE 15

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