Saturday, January 07, 2006

Opera 9.0 Final will have BT client!

Surprise, surprise! Opera 9.0 Final will have a BT client!

I have found by accident a post by an Opera Team member called "olli" who wrote it in the beta forum:

"Our current plan is still to include BT."

This is great, since yet only Opera 8.02 Build #766 and Opera 8.10 Preview 2 Build: 7685 (both beta builds) had a BT client!

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Shmanky said...


Mr. Dew said...

You know, I'm not as excited about it. I am happy with utorrent (the bittorrent client that I use). It already use very little resources. If Opera's bitorrent client can match that, I'll switch definately.

But the idea of running bittorrent in a browser isn't that great for me when I'm running games as I download. It's kinda like opening 2 things (browser n bittorrent download) at the same time. Well, I'll see how it goes and perhaps Opera may just do it right. ;)

Nafcom said...

Mr. Dew & Shmanky:
Well, I am excited, I am just living in the wrong country to have a use of it! Canada is so lucky! ;)