Sunday, January 08, 2006

Google Pack 1.0 Beta

Google released yesterday a software package called "Google Pack 1.0 Beta".

It consists of the following prgs:

-Mozilla Firefox

-Google Earth

-Google Toolbar für IE

-Google Desktop

-Google Talk





-Adobe Reader

-Norton AntiVirus 2005 SE

-GalleryPlayer HD Images

The installer can be downloaded here.

Have fun! :)

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aurora_starfire said...

Wow,that's a lot of stuff!
And it's all free? Google is being very generous,lol
Sorry I haven't been online lately.I have to go back to school tomorrow so I'll only be posting once a week from now on!

Nafcom said...


Yes, it's all for free.
Well, all (except "Norton AntiVirus 2005 SE") is for free anyway, so it's just freeware put together to a bundle! ;)