Saturday, January 28, 2006

AntiVir® PersonalEdition Classic

I switched!
Yep, after years of using AntiVir® PersonalEdition Classic, they finally released version 7 and it's working horribly on many computers, especially WinXP as one can read in their forum.

Unfortunately in many cases, your PC just freezes after installation, a couple of Windows restarts, or just every 30 minutes.
Some people managed to fix it.

After wasting hours with uninstallation, installation, registry cleaning, and system restore point creating and recovering, I gave up and now switched to use
AVG Free Edition and this seems to work pretty nice. I would use Avast! but this anti virus prg unfortunately sets itself to highest priority without the ability to change it, so the PC slows down incredibly everytime the on-access scanner scans a file! :(

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aurora_starfire said...

I hated Avast!
The only thin Avast! did for me was make my desktop look nice-the shortcut icon was a nice blue color and it complimented my wallpaper...but other than that,it sucked big time.
No wonder it was free... (¬_¬)

Another one you shouldn't use is McAfee Internet Security Suite.It's totally craptastic.It makes your computer slow as molasses.Yup,a big old waste of US$60.

Nafcom said...


Well, I anyway need Avast! for Windows XP 64bit since I do not know any other 64bit antivir that is freeware.

Yeah, McAfee isn't nice, and Norton AntiVirus isn't any better regarding resources. Once, Dr. Solomon was one of the best antivirus till McAfee took it over! :(

Wolfthinker said...

Thanks Buddy, Unfortunately i started my home PC today after some 15 days and was shocked as to whats wrong with it? I thought so that this 7 edition is creating a problem. With great difficulty i uninstalled the same and now its fine..Well needless to say it took me 2 hours for windows to load and another hour to reach control panel and remove the same.
Feeling very sad to do away with antivir which i have been using since years now. :(


Nafcom said...


Wow, that is really incredibly long!
Well, you should have used the Safe Mode of Windows, then it won't load prgs and you could have uninstalled it from there without any hassle.
you just press F8 while you see "Windows starts" or incase you do not see that, shortly after the PC's BEEP sound and then select "Safe Mode".

Yeah, I also think it's a pity, but AVG free works fine here! :)