Monday, December 05, 2005

STOP PRESS: Santa Can't Read

Obviously Santa cannot read as he reads "Evan" as "Hannah"! Poor kids, poor Santa! :P

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Rudolfo the Drunken Reindeer said...

Even creepier than that, is the fact that they're displaying letters written to Santa by children right on the site there.

When I was a little kid, I think I might have written a letter or two to Santa. And if they'd ever been displayed on a website... well, I would've been highly embarassed and it probably would've ruined Christmas for me entirely.

Damn technology.

Nafcom said...

Dear Reindeer,

thanks for your comment to my Christmas related post.

I totally agree with you, that having him published those Child's letter is probably not good. However, luckuly, he smallized them pretty nicely, so they cannot really be read :)

Please forward my sincere Christmas blessings to Sanata and to you and your fellow reindeers an exciting Christmas present giving tour on Christmas Eve.

Your Real Fan from this city,

aurora_starfire said...

(cracking up laughing)
I needed that,lol. Exam week can burn you out,seriously.
Okay,back to studying!

Nafcom said...



Good luck with your exams!