Thursday, December 08, 2005

Everest Home is no more!

I was in shock when I noticed that after the close of the best PC information tool AIDA32, now its successor Everst Home closes (Everest Home was basicly the same as AIDA32, just new name and diffrent company).

Of course, the download sources for the latest final (2.20) and the latest beta (more recent than the latest final!) all got removed from the homepages I found, except some Chinese ones. So if you want the latest Everest Home Beta (2.20.475 Beta) download it from here. Despite the fact that usually all homepages and downloads from China are very slow the above linked one is the very exceptoin and should load a lot faster than 0.3-1 kb/s! :)

Since new hardware won't be supported by Everest Home with the time passing by of course, seems we have to return to use the freeware version of Sandra which is not bad but not as good as AIDA32 and Everest Home ever were! :(

It's a sad time now!

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