Saturday, November 19, 2005

Still didn't receive the replacement CPU

Seems I have a lot of bad luck with hardware lately! :(
I still didn't receive the replacement CPU. The CPU in question seems to be getting hard to get now, which is a pain, since the CPU only kept working for 14 days and after over 1 month, the mailtrader still cannot send a new CPU! (The new motherboard I got since weeks already!).
I decided to call them and to request my money back by sending me a crossed cheque!
There are only a handful of mailtraders here that still can send it and after intensive searching yesterday, I decided to order it here. The availbility check says it's in stock, so I hope it's here by next Thursday! :) Damned, I want my PC back working!!! :(
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Laptop Repair said...

It happens many a times with hardware even I usually have some tough time managing my laptop parts.