Friday, November 18, 2005


Sometimes, I think emails are spam, which aren't. Well, at least according to, it was no spam email, so here is what I received:


Hi Nafcom,
I just thought I’d let you know I really enjoy reading posts on your blog
and have bookmarked your blog! Do check out my blog at if you are into football. Nafcom I thought
I’d ask you to try this new blogging software called Qumana, it lets you
post right from your desktop, so you don’t have to sign into Blogger every
time, its got some other amazing features too. It’s a free software which
you could download from Do let me know if you like it.

(inserting HTML tags doesn't work for me! :( - i.e. the "blockquote" function seems to be not supported!)
So, here is my review:
The software works very good, it is quite self-explaining and incase of that questions arise, the online help is very simple and easy to understand! :)
I was amazed, that they even didn't forget to support Technorati tags.
One simply does enter the tags and presses the "Technorati" button .
The GUI looks like a 1:1 copy of MS Office 2003! :)
There are a few things however I miss or don't understand:
The image upload requires to install an API - Why?
Especially since Blogger has native photo upload function!
I seriously hope that a newer version will fix this!
I also do not like that it's impossible to tag technorati tags consisting of more than two words! :(
But apart from that, I am glad, thank you, Neil! :)
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Neil said...

Your Welcome Nafcom and I'm quite sure you can tag more than 2 words using a plus (+) sign.

Nafcom said...

@Neil: Sure, but then the tags displays with the '+' sign and I have to re-format it manually! :(