Sunday, November 06, 2005

ICQ Gods

Ok, this will be a short blog entry, but I was kind of amused to read about the exsistance of "ICQ Gods" here! Hehehe! :)

Aren't we all just normal users? :)

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Shmanky said...

Are you able to assist him?

Man, I feel like I'm not "enough" of an ICQ God, so I stopped using Trillian for ICQ and I'm using ICQ5 now so I actually know what it's like to use ICQ5.

Shmanky said...

Nafcom, please help me test my ICQ-4U Skins page ~

It's not finished yet, so I'm not making it publically accessible from the menu bar, I just wanted you to have a look and maybe suggest things. No cracks.

Nafcom said...


He is a female. I have sent her an offline message.

Welcome among the ICQ 5 usership! :)

The skin page is nice, but you miss the Nana skin, get it from my forum, here!

Let me know when all skins are done and added! :)

Shmanky said...

The skins page is complete and publically viewable. Please tell everyone about it and post links to it. Your forums are down so I can't get this Nano skin. Other than that one I think I got all the others.

Nafcom said...


I will post about it soon.

The direct link to Nana is:

this! :)

Interestingly, the forum works for me again but it seems to _only_ work for me again!