Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ever thought about it?

Nowadays, many of us own broadband internet, who-hoo! That means xDSL or Cable Internet or you are connected at an educating insitution that is directly connected with their ISP over a phat light-wave cable!

But for me, (as having 4M/Bit cable internet) this is not enough. The problem for Europeans (well, at least in my country) is, that websites in Asia (with exception of Singapore and mostly Malaysia!) load terribly slow over here. They load so slow, that if you try to load a site consisting of many data, it will count down speed to close-to-zero and then simply stop loading!

An example of this dilema, is this site, which loads and loads and once all the nice text and images are loaded, the flash animation itself won't load!

And homepages located in Africa don't load faster (with exception of Ghana) so be prepared for a long wait!

I seriously don't think that just all the servers in China, Taiwan and co are slow, I simply think, our connection to their is just incredible... cheesy!

I hope Internet2 will fix this!


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