Saturday, October 15, 2005

MSI vs. Nvidia

Well, I have finally received a reply from Nvidia to the USB Legacy issue.

So in total, it looks like this:

MSI Taiwan" wrote:

Please notice if customer have below problem.

I ever heard a bug if customer didn't set Keyboard/Mouse USB Legacy
support to enable or disable at same time.

System will need around 5 mins to enter OS.

When you set these two items to enable or disable at same time and it

It is Nvidia chipset limitation."

"Nvidia" wrote:

The nForce4 Ultra Media Communications Processor can support Legacy USB Keyboard/Mouse function. NVIDIA customers other than MSI have this function working for legacy devices so this is a MSI BIOS issue.

In general, this does not sound like a chip problem but System BIOS issue or implementation limitation.

So, it's funny, the responsible for this is moved between MSI to Nvidia back on forth. I think I will better connect my devices on PS/2, instead!

I just found it funny and so, I thought I would post it here! :)

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