Saturday, September 03, 2005

PC Upgrade - The 1st

After 2 1/2 years I am this year again able to upgrade my PC.

Since I am a Management Assistant in Informatics (PC repair, building, helpdesk, etc), I put together PCs myself since year 2001. :)

this is why I wrote support emails to MSI, because I needed a BIOS update.

So following the link, you will see what board.

As case, I thought of this one. It's pretty pretty, don't you think? =)

Also it seems to be _very hard_ to find PCIe compatible power supplies. Well, mine isn't. :( Plus it's very hard to find in this country adapters for PCIe! :(

So finally I found some trader that has them :)

Furthermore Silicon Image promised to deliver me a Windows XP 64bit driver for their external controller. that is good, because yet I didn't buy this OS anyway. :) but soon will!

I will keep you updated!

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