Friday, September 30, 2005

Pain, more pain, ViewSonic!

*Sigh*. Meanwhile it's getting boring!
Once more I have to report about the lameness of German customer support of a company. Today in the spotlight: ViewSonic - "We do worse!".

Infact, I have been waiting since over 3 weeks for a reply from ViewSonic Germany/USA, and I have sent 5 emails to ViewSonic Germany with no reply.
In the meantime some of the technical problems I have experienced got onviously fixed by getting a new PC. However I want to point out that the customer support
of Viewsonic SUCKS!

They ignore any email which customers send to them, ANY!
The only reply I have ever received from ViewSonic Germany was promotional crap as a "Thank You for registering your new ViewSonic VX924".

I have sent a complaint email to Any contact email address of ViewSonic I could find. The result of this email are two auto responses: (which came straight in English, so no translation took place!):

From ViewSonic Germany:

"Thank you for your e-mail. I am out of the office from September 30th until Oktober 7th 2005. This message is not going to be deleted only delayed in
answering. I will get back to you after my return.

ViewSonic Technology GmbH

Beate Paefgen"

From ViewSonic Sweden:

"Hello, Thank you for your email.

I will be out of the office until monday 3th of October, in urgents matters please call the Swedish office at + 46 (0) 8 507 130 00

Med vänlig hälsning/Best regards,

At least I have received two emails, only automatic ones, though. :(

EDIT:Meanwhile I have received a phone call from ViewSonic Germany! :)
Terror emailing helped, it seems! 8-)

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