Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Opera is free and without ads now!

Opera now goes for free and without ads!
Yes, this is no belated April Fool's Day joke! Seems that due to the pressure of Firefox, they had to made it free! So, the latest version is now Opera 8.50, but unfortunately the new final does not contain a BitTorrent client anymore :(

Well, maybe next beta! :)

Enjoy Opera! :)

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Shmanky said...

That's too bad, an integrated Bit Torrent client would have given people reason to use Opera over Firefox.

Nafcom said...


That's a bit wrong. The BT client is part of Opera, but only the Beta or TP (Technicalp Preview) versions until it's good enough to be in any final- At least that is what the Opera Team said.

pketh said...

the bt client idea surely is really cool, if they did it in such a way so that it was integrated into the normal download window - it would be super awesome and encourage lots more people to try BT!

Nafcom said...

@pketh: In the beta/technical preview versions it is part of the download (i.e "transfers" in Opera) window and works like a normal download, that made it that cool! 8-)