Monday, September 05, 2005

A Mail Trader, Logitech, A Headset and 2 Years Warranty

Yesterday, my Logitech USB 30 Headset broke a second time, again broken cable.

Now, in Germany you have 2 years warranty, but in the 2nd year the costumer has to prove by law that it was broken because of technical error and not that the costumer himself broke it.

Logically, that is impossible to prove as a costumer, so no company, trader or mail trader cares

You get 2 years full warranty anyway.

Except in this case I received an email from the mail trader saying I am 6 weeks over the first year and so they refuse taking the headset back.

I was calling them, and after passing the waiting loop I have got the same ass that wrote that email, on the phone.

he explained to me the law (which I already was aware of).

So, I was calling Logitech directly.

Which said of course they give me 2 years warranty like anybody else does.

So I had to break apart the microphone and usb plug and send it to Logitech which is in Switzerland!

So, I wrote an angry email to the mail trader.

I received an email back saying sorry for the wrong information from his co-worker.

of course they send damaged stuff to the manufactor as every mail trader does (for free as the law tells).

I get my 4 € back for the postage to Logitech in Switzerland.

but still, they are not-so-nice.

I couldn't believe, they refuse to give me warranty and discuss with me about a small tiny paragraph in the law.

logically, that is impossible to prove as a costumer, so no company, trader or mail trader cares.

you get 2 years full warranty anyway.

Especially since nowadays you have so much mail traders, making an exception from the "common way" will cost you costumers. Well, especially this makes the behaviour of that co-worker of the mail trader non-understandable for me.

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