Sunday, September 18, 2005

DHL and my headset

My new Logitech USB headset arrived and I am happy. But the question here is _how_ it arrived!

Some time ago, DHL took over our national parcel service. And on a Saturday, I was in the bathroom doing big buissnes when the doorbell rang and of course I could not answer. Later I found an orange DHL Express parcel notification card in my letterbox.

I think to make it more clear, I should explain, that there is in this suburb a Post Agency and a Post Office. In the Post Agency you can do all your stuff like you are used to. But when the postman for parcels brings you a parcel, and you are not at home, he puts it either at the Post Agency (for COD (Cash-On-Delivery) or other special letters or parcels) or at the Post Office (for BIG parcels).

Since I exspected no parcel at that time and I had no idea what it was, I called DHL and asked them how that re-deliver thing works. So I have got told that I tick "re-deliver" and that in "On...." I can enter a date I wish them to re-deliver it to me as long as it's 3 days after their try to deliver it to me and not later than 7 days after, since after 7 days the stock period expired and they return it to sender!

I have written int "On...." September, 15th and of course it didn't come!

So, I called them and they said: "We cannot help you witout the postident number - as the sender." and I was like: "I don't know the sender!" and they: "Then if it doesn't arrive, you can apply a complaint to us when we returned it to sender!".- I found that was great! I can complain to them until after it's too late!!!

It came the next day actually, but I wonder why offering a re-deliver service if it doesn't work correctly???

That is the first and last time I took a use of their re-delivery service!

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