Monday, August 01, 2005

T-COM and the fun of the phone

After a lot of problems with my internet (including that it has been slow at evenings and weekends), the "fun" started with a distribution affiliate of our phone company.

That means they were ringing up my mother telling her that our selected tariff will be no more Call-by-call possible and that the phone will stop working! So, she got forced to switch.

I have searched the internet the day before yesterday, I couldn't find any sign of this change. So I was calling the number they gave to my mother, I got some guy on the phone that said that all what my mother got told were lies! Yes! They were lying
to get my mother in a "cheaper" tariff!

What would I do without Call-by-call? No longer calls to abroad, no longer cheap phone bills! Imagine that, I would be cut from the phone world! Grr!

So beware what your phone company might tell you! :)

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