Wednesday, August 03, 2005

MS? Google? LET'S GET IT ON!

Source & poll by Derision in my forum :)

So let's quote him:

It's not Apple, it's not Open Source... no, this time, Microsoft's guns are aimed directly at... Google?!
Thursday at Microsoft's annual Financial Analyst Meeting in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer stepped up his rhetoric against Google and continued to promote Microsoft's aim to topple the Mountain View, California-based company not only in the search space, but also in Web site advertising dollars for its competing search and Internet services site,

"What do we want? More than anybody else has," Ballmer said, when asked by an analyst about Microsoft's goals against Google in these markets. "You might think it's a funny answer, but if you don't set the big, bold goal, the big ambition to be number one, you never get to be there."

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