Saturday, July 16, 2005

Slowest Support Ever!

I don't know how much of you have noticed, but in February I added Technorati to my blog.

And then suddenly, they changed the system and it messed up the Technorati placed on my site panel. Due to reasearch on the Technorati WebLog, I found the reason.

Since then, the problem is that under most circumstances, the search box's button is misplaced heavily!

I have told this to Technorati support and totally confused them! :D plus they are heavily slow.

my email on June, 28th - their reply on June, 6th:

"Are you still having these problems with your Technorati embed on your blog?


That's funny, it's like: "Let's wait some weeks, maybe the problem fixed itself..." :D

So, I wrote back on June, 6th - their reply on July, 14th:

"Joerg --

I'm not sure I understand the problem. Are you wishing there *was* a break in between "Search
this blog" and the form? Or that there wasn't?

-- Derek"

Ok, I am sorry for my confusion. And they are right, my original issue (that the emended Technorati didn't display at all sometimes) wasn't anylonger valid, but for the confusion:

I have written them my blog's URL, and I seriously hope they have eyes?!

Will they ever get my problem fixed? Will their next reply arrive before August?

Questions over questions! We can only wait (and I should pray a bit).

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Charles Krugel 312-804-3851 said...

I had the same exact problem. In my case, the Technorati link competely disappeared from my blog. Although the HTML code was still in the template. I too use Blogger/Blogspot. Maybe it has something to do with Blogger/Blogspot.

Charles Krugel 312-804-3851 said...

P.S. Thanks to you (your blog), I've been able to find the new embed code and reinsert the Technorati link into my code. I couldn't find it on their website myself. Only through your link could I find it.

Thanks, Chuck Krugel

Nafcom said...

@Chuck Krugel:

You are welcome :)
I am glad I was able to help here :)