Thursday, July 07, 2005

Opera 8.02 Build # 766 Goes BitTorrent!

The new Opera 8.02 Build #766 includes now a BitTorrent client. Yet it's only a TP (i.e. "Technical Preview") but it's impressive. I have tried it with downloading Opera itself by BitTorrent and I was impressed, because it was faster than with the other BitTorrent clients I have tried (which only work correctly with routers if you open manually wide port ranges).

I am impressed! For Opera, BitTorrent downloads nearly appear as normal downloads in the "Transfers" tab with the difference, that Opera saves the ".torrent" files in the same location that you have choosen to save your download to.

Well done, Opera! :)

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Shmanky said...

Hey the BT client in Opera is great. Now I can throw away the other BT client I was using that I didn't like too much anyway.

Nafcom said...

@Shmanky: Did you read my minds? ;)
I exactly thought and did the same :)