Thursday, July 14, 2005

ICQ Users! Please join in, vote and write about it!

The problem:

costumized status of ICQ 5 clients display as "Online" for non-ICQ 5 users.
When they did that in April, (because before April, it displayed costumized status as "away" for non-ICQ5 contacts and all was well!), 5 contacts of mine wrote "Hellooooo, why you don't reply to me? Did I do anything wrong? becuase they saw me as "online" and not as "away" while I am in a costumized status!

That is horrible!

So please Please join in, vote and write about it! Thank you in advance!

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Shmanky said...

Anyone that expects an immediate response even when you're shown as "Online" is an idiot. I ignore those people.

Nafcom said...


That was not my point. My point was: You are on "Sleeping" status and people who do not use ICQ 5 see you as "Online" and think they can write to you.
Before they made it this way, when I was in a costumized status, as e.g. "sleeping", non-ICQ 5 users saw me as "away" and wouldn't write to me.

Shmanky said...

Yeah I know, and it's probably better the way you say, but, it's one of the limitations of IM that you can't really know what the other person is doing.. so you should never expect an immediate response.

Nafcom said...


I agree. But still, it's kind of ridiculous that a customized status message would appear as available.

And it has been the way I have suggested it! Until they suddenly changed it without warning! :(