Sunday, July 10, 2005

Google Earth

Today, a friend of mine has suggested me to actually try out Google Earth. Yet it's only beta, so means yet you can only search for US cities and countries. but you can manually scroll them and this way view other country's cities, etc.

The depth, i.e. the details vary a lot from city/country. but for some areas you even see cars on the streets! :D

Cannot be bad to try it out, but you need a pretty powerful PC and a fast internet connection! (broadband!)

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Shmanky said...

Ya I can see my house with this.

This is the city I live in, Toronto Canada [,+Ontario&ll=43.638039,-79.389310&spn=0.020629,0.026133&t=k&hl=en ]

Nafcom said...

@Shmanky: Hhaha, great, thanks! :)
Looks nice!
This is mine:
Mannheim, Germany :) Enjoy!

Ah by the way... blogger supports the < a > tag ;)