Saturday, July 09, 2005

Free Opera License!

I wanted to post about this long time go but I always forgot to actually do it.

Since quite a while you can get a free Opera license (it's anyway for free but only with google ad-bar then).

I use Opera in Windows and Linux and the google ad-bar does not disturb me much.
but I anyway hope that some people think I am nice enough to get me one :)

You may have noticed that in some screenshots it's missing. that is becuase I messed up my Opera's .ini files (by accident!) so much that voice stopped working and the ad-bar disappeared. and the CSS styles for the email displayer were messed up.
I was able to re-cover the CSS styles for the email client but not to fix the voice and the ad-bar. hehe. well, and do not ask me how I did it, because I have NO IDEA!

And yes, I am totally serious!

Download Opera

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Shmanky said...

I like the text ads in Opera because sometimes you get to see really strange sites related to the content you're currently viewing. Sometimes it's funny.

Nafcom said...

@shmanky: Ah thanks, will try it the next time I am under Mandriva Linux, thanks :)