Friday, July 08, 2005

Another Gmail Invite Spooler

Not too long ago the famous Gmail invite spooler is down.

Thanks to somebody who sent me an email, I now know that Gmail Invite Spooler! Let's see how long it takes till the GMail Team forces its closedown! :D

Happy GMailing!

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Anonymous said...

You're awsome. I've looked all over the place and wasn't willing to jump through hoops for the invites. I'm glad I found your site for the G-Mail invite.


Nafcom said...

@Scott! :)

About this blog entry: somebody informed me by email abot this new GMail invite spooler! :)

And about my Gmail Invitation Giveaway, I can only say, the GMail Team resets the invitations after a while always back to 50 invitations, and all my friends who wished to have one already got one from me, so who cares if I help out some readers of my blog now? 8-)

Anonymous said...

hello there , if possible please send me a Gmail invitation to filtred_one[a] , thanks in advance

Nafcom said...

@Anonymous: invitation sent :)