Friday, June 03, 2005

Old Computer Games

As mentioned a couple of times before, I like playing old computer games
one of my latest treassures, from February 2005, can actually be found on the internet in way of photos.
I have supplied them to the biggest Outrun Portal on the internet.
Enough Yadda-Yadda, the photos can be found, here 8-)

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Mr. Dew said...

Oh, I heard of this one. I haven't played OutRun myself. I watched my friend play OutRun 2. It's available in the arcades. I think Xbox has a version too. They love the whole drifting thing in OutRun 2 although one of my friends claimed that it is too easy. I haven't tried the game though, car games has never been my interest. :)

Nafcom said...

Mr Dew: Yeah, unfortunately over here arcades are not common, I live in wrong country :'(
Or maybe just wrong place, but never heard of any arcade place or hall over here...