Wednesday, May 25, 2005

AOL/ICQ Contacts On MSN's Buddy's List

Thanks to the new MSN plugin IMTiger which got released today in a new version, MSN users can now again put AIM/AOL9/ICQ contacts on the MSN Buddy List.
Concentrated readers will ask "Why does this crazy guy say "again""?!

Because thanks to my friend AJ who pointed this out to me, I can say, that in 1999, MSN Messanger was compatible with AIM, so Microsoft and AOL teamed up here.

Let me quote a bit from this news article:

"In 1999, when Microsoft launched MSN Messenger, the software allowed users to communicate directly with AOL Instant Messenger users. AOL, then the largest IM network, blocked MSN. The two companies proceeded to play a game of cat and mouse for months, until MSN finally said it would no longer access AOL to protect customer "security.""

Oh by the way: Yet, it does not support UNICode, yet

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Mr. Dew said...

I am surprised that ICQ did not block Miranda by the way. As long as I know Miranda, they is no problems with access, AOL didn't seem to react to ICQ being used with other clients as readily as what they had done with AIM.

Nafcom said...

@Mr. Dew: True. The only thing they did is forcing ICQ Plus to shut down since it made ICQ not only skin-able but also got a rid of the banners automtically.
The ICQ Team then, put the skin-able feature in their clients.

Mr. Dew said...

Well, there is always other ways to remove advertisements. ;) MSNM has got so many tools to remove them and I doubt Microsoft can ever keep up with them. And they don't, they don't give a damn about this - smart choice, after all they won't be able to stop these ad removers anyway.

Nafcom said...

@Mr Dew: Yes, AOL is pretty moderate with their protocol details, regarding ICQ Protocol (at the moment Version 9) and OSCAR (AIM/AOL9).
You can find detailed documents on each new ICQ Protocol Version pretty close after the release of a new ICQ client.

It took AOL around 4 years to get ICQPlus down, though :) Of course, you still can get other ways to get a rid of the banners...

Especially since the banner file's format is .XML :D